Wounded Warriors Program

The Jimmy Miller Foundation currently serves Marines of the Wounded Warrior Battalions at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms with unique, year-round Ocean Therapy sessions.Held on base at Camp Pendleton, the Ocean Therapy sessions provide the Marines with an opportunity to learn to surf in a supportive environment, while focusing on the therapeutic benefits of the ocean, the sport of surfing and the supportive community surrounding the surf culture.

Other aims of the program through occupational therapist led discussion sessions are increased perceived self-efficacy, patient advocacy and the process of recovery. Through the Ocean Therapy program, the Marines are first taught the basics of surfing on-land and then learn to surf with a personalized surf instructor in the water. The sport is adapted to meet any and all limiting physical and/or emotional challenges, so that every participant is successful. The supportive environment coupled with the resilience and physical aptitude of the Marines, lends itself to some of the most miraculous novice surfing skills ever witnessed.

Some of the common responses from the Marines include, “This is the best day I’ve had since my injury”, “This [surfing] is curing my PTSD”, and “Surfing saved my life”. Sessions occur twice per month on base at Camp Pendleton. We encourage carpooling from the South Bay and local participation from Orange County and San Diego based volunteers. Please see the Ocean Therapy section for further details and Ocean Therapy dates.

Wounded Warrior Battalion West
Camp Pendleton
29 Palms


Ocean Therapy for Veterans

Veterans of the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration include Veterans from Vietnam, Desert Storm and current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This diverse group attends monthly Ocean Therapy sessions with the Jimmy Miller Foundation.

The sessions include 1:1 surfing instruction, occupational therapist led discussion sessions and therapeutic support both in the form of sport adaptation, as well as open and supported communication both in and out of the water. The JMF embraces the opportunity to provide these men and women with an opportunity to engage in the healing effects of the ocean, while celebrating their contributions to our country and their service for our security.

Sessions last from 9:30am till 1:30pm at Rosecrans in Manhattan Beach. We encourage anyone with a love of the water to volunteer, including surf instructors, therapists, supporters, and friends. Please see the Ocean Therapy section for further details and Ocean Therapy dates.

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