Jimmy Miller Foundation Featured in Surfline Article

How Surfing Can Help

Is there anything a good day of surfing can’t cure? Here’s a list of helpful organizations.

Photo: Jeremiah Klein

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The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

The JMMF provides free of charge its unique program of Ocean Therapy to the USMC Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, Veterans from the West LA Veterans Hospital and at risk youth from local shelter facilities.

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Ocean Therapy / JMMF Featured in Surfline Article

"The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation in South Bay, LA, for instance, has had an Ocean Therapy program for over 15 years now. This very program has helped both vets suffering from PTSD and at-risk youth from local shelter facilities. Mostly, through...

Dave Loeffler’s Unprecedented Swim For Ocean Therapy

Hello All, Mike Galloway and I just talked about weather forecasts and rescheduling our swim. Seems like the small windows of lighter winds are closing down and the winds are increasing through the end of September. There are a number of moving targets we...

Kidnapped by Somali pirates, Michael Scott Moore

Kidnapped by Somali pirates, journalist Michael Scott Moore spent two and half years in captivity. At times he was held on land, other times at sea. Once, when he was on a 160-foot tuna boat, he tried to escape by jumping over the side at night. "It was,...

Riding the waves to better health: Navy studies the therapeutic value of surfing.

Article From The Washington Post: By Tony Perry March 10 In song and prose, surfing has long been celebrated as a way to soothe the mind and invigorate the body. But scientific evidence has been limited. Now the Navy has embarked on a $1 million research...


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