2013 South Bay 12

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Once again, we are proud to be a part of the South Bay 12 – an amazing event with a lot of amazing athletes!! For more information, look below…  

Rorke Denver’s New Book!

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Rorke is a JMMF supporter and was guest of honor at the 2012 JMMF Benefiesta. He also was an active duty SEAL and starred in the movie Act Of Valor Please check his book out by clicking the image below.

Dry Land Ocean Therapy!!

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As a component of Project HOPE, a career education program designed to introduce aspects of the health sciences to children, JMMF friend and ambassador Ryan Pittsinger is in Iowa getting his PhD, but still has time to give underrepresented youth some dry land Ocean Therapy via the use of Indo Boards!  

Renaissance School

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A group of kids from Renaissance School in Palos Verdes learn about JMMF.  JMMF Board member Chris Brown spoke to about 250 kids about the history of JMMF and service to our community.

New Press!!

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