The BeneFiesta 2022!

Our annual gala – The BeneFiesta was held on Saturday July 23, 2022. One part benefit, one part fiesta…full of fun and fundraising!

All of the proceeds from the BeneFiesta provide support for JMMF’s world-leading Ocean/Surf Therapy Program which offers an alternative therapy program for those suffering from trauma-related mental and physical illness. Ocean Therapy is a unique protocol that combines group talk therapy led by a licensed therapist with instruction in surfing as a form of healing.

Coming out of the pandemic and anticipating a massive increase in mental health issues, JMMF has dramatically increased the numbers of sessions and groups we are serving. We have close to 60 sessions planned for 2022, including participants from eight organizations serving abused and underprivileged children in Los Angeles, active duty Marines from the Wounded Warrior Battalion-West at Camp Pendleton, veterans from all branches of the military in Los Angeles and San Diego/Coronado, addiction, recovery and homeless populations. And in 2021 JMMF launched the world’s first-ever Ocean Therapy Program dedicated to helping healthcare providers from local South Bay hospitals that served our community valiantly during COVID-19 and are now suffering from similar PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation as our soldiers returning from war.

Our mission is simple: Help as many people affected by trauma that our resources will allow.

Healing one wave at a time.

2019 Was A Big Night ! 2022 Will Be Even Better!

Thank you to all who attended this great event!

Rebecca and Rob DeSantis were presented with the inaugural Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation Legacy Award during the foundation’s annual BeneFiesta party last weekdend in Manhattan Beach. The party was hosted by Scott and Liz Whitehead and featured a performance by Third Eye Blind singer Stephen Jenkins. Jenkins told guests that volunteering with the Jimmy Miller Foundation allows him to share with the less fortunate the joy he gets from surfing. Jimmy Miller offers ocean therapy to children and adults, including U.S. Marines in the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton. – Easy Reader

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