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Fill-in your information online, add a digital signature (if you have one) and email the Volunteer Form. If you don’t have a digital signature, consider creating one to save paper and help our environment. If you don’t have one, you can still fill-in your information digitally but you’ll need to save and print the form, then sign it with a pen, and either scan/email or bring it to the JMMF event. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for JMMF! JMMF Volunteer Combined Form

Also please note for all Camp Pendleton Volunteers:  The base requires all volunteers to have proper identification which must be submitted at least 7 days prior entering the base. ID may be in the form of a valid US Passport or driver license.  You may send via email a photo of the ID or the ID number. Thank you.

You can support the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation in many different ways:

Volunteer Your Time

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our ocean therapy sessions, fundraisers, events and raising awareness for the Foundation. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please read below. If you have any questions please email us at

The following is a list of the types of volunteers needed for an ocean therapy session along with detailed descriptions of each and what is expected. Please review them carefully to determine which type of volunteer suits you best.

After reviewing the list, click this link if you would like to sign up for an upcoming Ocean Therapy session.

Volunteer Types

Whether you are a Beach Volunteer, Water Volunteer, or Surf Instructor Volunteer, all are critical parts for the JMMF to run smoothly and are vital roles to our success. We welcome you to our family with all of your skills and talents!

Beach Volunteer

Beach Volunteers are key to a successful ocean therapy session. Responsibilities can include everything from carrying equipment to helping set-up food/beverages for any given session.

Some responsibilities of the Beach Volunteer include:

  • Assist in sunscreen/wetsuits.
  • Assisting with our stretching sessions or yoga demonstration.
  • Help with snack and lunch prep, as well as setup and breakdown of equipment.
  • Applaud participants when a wave is ridden…they truly appreciate it!
  • Documenting comments or successes observed throughout the day.
  • Both land and water photography.
  • Assist with building friendships and rapport with participants to aid in solidifying the effects of the day.
  • Engage in discussion sessions.
  • Help in any other way you see fit!

Water Volunteer

The water volunteer is an individual that may not be a strong surfer or know how to surf at all, but enjoys getting int he ocean and has basic ocean awareness. They are a crucial support to the surf instructor and complete the well-rounded experience for the participants.

Responsibilities of the Water Volunteer include:

  • Beach Safety
  • Assist with “catching” participants as their board meets the sand.
  • Supporting the surf instructor during the lesson i.e. holding the participants hand as they walk out through the surf.
  • Bodysurfing with participants if warranted.
  • Spending time participants when they need to stop and take a break from surfing.
  • Water photography.
  • Participating in discussion sessions i.e. sharing the participants’ successes in the water with the group in hopes of inspiring self-confidence.
  • Giving tons of High 5’s!

Surf instructor Volunteer

The surf instructor volunteer is a crucial part of our success. We strive to maintain at least a 1:1 ratio of participant to surf instructor. We find that with this ratio the participant’s success rate increases as well as their comfort level. We also like for our Surf Instructor Volunteers to have surfing knowledge or experience and some experience teaching. If you do not have teaching experience, we will gladly help you learn some of the amazing techniques Jimmy created over his 15 years of experience.

Some responsibilities of the Surf Instructor Volunteer include:

  • Helping in “on land” surf instruction
  • Assisting with board choice i.e. length to size ratio and wetsuit sizing.
  • Critiquing the “get up” technique i.e. assisting with stance, knees bent, feet wide, goofy or regular, etc.
  • Pushing participants into waves i.e. holding onto the board and letting go when the participant is stabilized.
  • Ensuring they do not pearl (nose dive.)
  • Giving positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the day.
  • Water and beach safety – your most important role!
  • Talking the participant through each aspect of being in the water i.e. “now we’re going to push up” – “hold on tight” – “this is a lull” or “Is it OK if I put my hand on your back?” etc.
  • Being aware of the participants various needs i.e. a child’s background or a Marine’s injuries.
  • Participating in discussion sessions i.e. sharing the participants’ successes in the water with the group in hopes of inspiring self-confidence.
  • Giving tons of High 5’s!


Email your friends and family and let them know about our mission and events.


The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of your donations will go to wounded warriors, vets, helping children in need to use the ocean as therapy All donations are tax deductible.


Please use the donation button below or send all donations to the:


Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation
2711 N Sepulveda Blvd, #331
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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