Happy Birthday to Jimmy!

What does “Living the Dream” mean to you? People would say that Jimmy was living the dream for most of his life. A loving family, great friends, intelligence that took him to UC Berkeley, waterman skills that made him a stand out as Los Angeles County Lifeguard, Junior Guard Instructor, and Catalina Paddler. He was handsome and had a kind heart, a sense of adventure and the open mind to really share the culture of any place he landed. While traveling, he learned French and Portuguese, and some Japanese, and was totally fluent in Spanish. He was a businessman, who at age 25, created the official Surf School of Manhattan Beach: Pure Surfing Experience, which would become Camp Surf. Not only did he open a surf camp for the kids of the South Bay, he also learned to code, so he could create a website for his growing surf company. This might not seem like a big deal today, but he opened Pure Surfing more than 25 years ago, and no one had created an online sign-up for surfers.

On his many visits to Bali, he brought back clothing, sarongs, and Balinese sculptures that he sold to locals who dreamed of taking the trips he shared. There was even the year he returned from Peru with boxes of string bikinis worn on the beaches of Punta Hermosa, which were quickly bought up by dozens of daring Manhattan Beach gals. Jimmy wrote and wrote some more. He even co-created a reality show before there were reality shows: “Two Guys on Earth!” He and his partner would travel to exotic locations and film their life as they explored the best surf breaks, beaches, and lifestyles. MTV was interested, but it was just a bit too early! His travel stories were published by the Beach Reporter, his postcards were collected by friends around the world, for their ability to tell a whole adventure on one postcard. He wrote letters to Jeff, with travel advice…..the joys of traveling alone and being a soul surfer. He also shared the dark side of traveling alone, and the dangers that often called for quick wits and some baksheesh. He loved and was loved my many girls and women throughout his life.

And yet, he was always searching. For the next wave, for the perfect relationship, for relief from the pain that often followed a surf accident or the congenital back issue that plagued him throughout his life. His search for the meaning of life took many forms. From exploring traditional religions to experiencing the hallucinogenic kava in Fiji and mind opening experiences in Costa Rica and Bali.

He had an open mind and a huge heart. He was a searcher all his life.

So what is your idea of “Living the Dream?” Where do you search? I found an interesting quote by Andy Mort and he said this:

“To live the dream means taking something from the future; ‘the dream’, and combining it with something in the present; ‘living’. So to ‘live’ the ‘dream’ means to see the future in the present from the past.”

I hope you have a chance to “live your dream,” and when you do, please share with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Love, Nancy

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