July 26th Ocean Therapy Session Camp Pendleton

A big “Wounded Warrior” Ocean Therapy Session at Camp Pendleton included about 20 new surfers, great conditions, a surfing Colonel: Steve Mount and a dedicated group of volunteers who helped everyone ride a wave!  One of our most inspirational sessions ever!

Thanks to all who came and supported this session and a big thank you to Robert Charton for the great photos!!!


International Ocean Therapy Student Session

A group of 30 Occupational Therapy students, from 19 different countries, observed an Ocean Therapy session with Teens from Hillsides. Hosted by the USC Occupational Therapy Department, the students got an “on land” demonstration of how to surf with instructor Kris Pimacio.

2016 JMMF Benefiesta Galleries

The Benefiesta at the Manhattan Country Club was a huge success as a fundraiser and friend-raiser, as all who were there can attest! We thank our incredible food and beverage sponsors for sharing their moveable feast, and all our guests and auction donors for coming together for an amazing cause. A big thank you to Chris McGee (Geeter) for keeping the program moving and keeping us laughing during the auction. It was a treat to be entertained by the wonderful singer/songwriter, Kelley James. A big thank you to him for coming up with the song and lyrics about JMMF!

Below are photos to download from Brad Jacobson. Click here for images from Gus McConnell.


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