Going Virtual When in Covid….Get Creative!

Wow, what a difference a year makes. I just read my blog from 2019 and it said everything I was thinking of saying today. My head is spinning with images and thoughts about all the past Jimmy’s. But today, I’ll talk about the future. In a year when we had to say “no” to so many events that were meaningful and helped raise awareness of the incredible work we have been doing for 16 years, we can finally say YES!!

Yes, we are presenting the International JIMMY Surf Fiesta Team Challenge in October/November and we hope you will all participate! Something different for sure, but with all the elements of fun that the JIMMY is known for!! Look for the details on the JMMF homepage, on social media or use this link.

Since we can’t gather on the beach like we normally do, we invite surfers and friends on teams of 4, to submit their best wave. You have the month of October to sign up, and submit videos. If you don’t know how to video and upload your best waves, you can call our JMMF ambassador and all around great volunteer, Nate Goldberg @310-321-8004 and he will take care of it for you.

I can’t wait to see families submit their best waves, and Jimmy’s friends from all over the world, submit theirs! Kevin from Tahiti, Fernando from Spain, Yoni from Israel, the Bru’s from Canada, we can’t wait to see what you submit! All the little rippers from Austin and Riley’s gang on 22nd Street can surf against the Tiani’s gang from 4th Street. The Berkeley brothers and sisters can surf against the USC bros and gals, and the ripper girls like Charlotte and Kyra can create their own girl power teams. The Silva family, Gellers and the Eicks can finally be back together for competition and the Ulrichs can defend their Beach Lounger awards. South Bay Boardriders can field a few teams, as can the Mira Costa and Redondo surf teams. Sypder and ET all have the chance to win this year. This is the only year you can choose your own team, ride your own board, and control your own destiny at the JIMMY!

This year, for the first time ever, we will not be asking our wonderful sponsors and donors for anything other than to join the fun. Instead, we will support our local friends and purchase gift cards from them! As a non-profit, its’s an unusual way to conduct business, but each and every one of our local donors and sponsors have been so true blue to JMMF and have honored Jimmy’s memory in such a tangible way, we are happy to support them during these difficult economic times. We hope you will continue to support our local shops, restaurants and companies as a way of thanking them for all they mean to our community.

I know Jimmy would love to see all his friends from around the world and across the street, surf together. He would also be stoked that so many young groms have been able to surf the JIMMY. It is our dream that this tradition will continue as long as the waves roll in. In Jimmy’s memory, please help us make this dream come true.

Here’s the newest JMMF Jimmy Logo to add to the group above. Does anyone have all the JIMMY T-shirts, starting in 2005? If so, please send a photo and we will feature you and your photo in the next JMMF newsletter!

Here’s some fun photos from years past, with thanks to Steve Gaffney, Brent Broza, Gus McConnell and Kevin Cody. We can’t wait to see your videos and out-takes!


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