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It’s impossible to think that Jimmy left us 15 years ago. If you are reading this note, you probably get our newsletter, read our social media, or have supported the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation in some way. We are so grateful for your devotion over the years. Many of you knew Jimmy. You grew up with him, attended Robinson, Center or Mira Costa. Some of you learned to surf on 14th and 4th Street with him and encouraged that 8 year old to keep trying, and that it was OK to fall and get back up again. You may have gone to Cal with him and surfed that crazy cold water at Pacific Beach. Perhaps you traveled with him, to all corners of the world, in search of great waves and even greater adventures. Some of you were Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Taplin participants or shared his favorite job, teaching Junior Guards and instituting surfing and the “biggest sandwich” competitions. As time went by, many of you were his first “Pure Surfing Experience” students, campers, counselors and cooks. Your parents entrusted Jimmy to take you to Jalama for a week of “pure surfing,” camping and discovery. His passion was his profession, but there was always time for the travel! From Hawaii, Indo, Mexico, Peru, Spain, France, Morocco, Canada, the BVI’s, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Viet Nam, Israel, Egypt, and that’s just where I can think of as I write this note. Jimmy could get more on one postcard than most people could write in 6 pages! For many years, Jimmy wrote for the Beach Reporter, each month sharing his surf experiences with thousands of followers, who vicariously lived through his adventures, escapades and close encounters with sharks, smugglers, outlaws and rogue waves! Only a few of you know where “Spot X” is, and that’s the way he hoped it would be!

This year, I have been asked to write a monthly column about Jimmy and JMMF. I am reaching out to all of you to ask me questions, share an experience or photo, or just drop us a line about how Jimmy or the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation has touched your life. I know how you have touched my life and the life of our family and board members. Our motto is “healing ourselves and others, one wave at a time,” and all of you have helped us along in this journey.

With love and so much gratitude,


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