A unique Ocean Therapy experience for youth at promise in the Los Angeles area.


A unique Ocean Therapy experience for youth at promise in the Los Angeles area.

The Jimmy Miller Foundation provides a unique Ocean Therapy experience for “at-promise” youth (formerly termed “at-risk”) in the Los Angeles area. The Ocean Therapy sessions couple group discussions with individual surfing instruction, body surfing, water safety education, and sometimes just sand castle building. Many of our at-promise participants have never been in the ocean before or even been to the beach in their lives! We love sharing these experiences with them!

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The goal of the session is to build a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence in the participants through clinical psychology group-based discussions and team connection. The unique volunteer community created through the JMMF also supports the therapeutic experience for each participant. The youth who attend Ocean Therapy sessions have had a variety of challenges in their lives, some of which include physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, victims and witnesses of domestic violence, gang warfare and many are living in foster care. Whatever their situation, we “meet them where they are at”, replace fear and anxiety with excitement, replace negative memories with positive ones and help them achieve their goal of riding a wave so they will have the confidence to set and achieve their goals in other areas of life.

Our current and past partners include: Uplift Family Services; Hillsides of Pasadena; Children’s Institute; Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services; Happy Trails Children’s Foundation; Walk With Sally; DiDi Hirsch and Just Keep Living.

Each of these organizations are dedicated to creating enriched, successful and supported lives for the community they serve, and have endorsed the JMMF Ocean Therapy sessions as one of their most successful programs. Sessions are held on the beach at Rosecrans Ave in Manhattan Beach mostly during the summer months.

We Currently Work With:

Children’s Institute

Didi Hirsch

Happy Trails Children’s Foundation

Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

Hillsides of Pasadena

Just Keep Livin

Richstone Family Center

Uplift Family Services

Walk With Sally

Upcoming Sessions

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