“The Jimmy” Surf Fiesta

A unique team format competition for all surfing levels.

“The Jimmy” Surf Fiesta

A unique team format competition for all surfing levels.

The Jimmy Surf Fiesta is a unique team surfing contest that takes place the second Saturday in October each year in El Porto.  All five members of a team are in the water at the same time and compete against another team of five surfers. Teams consist of beginners to pros and all are encouraged to help each other catch waves. Each team member’s highest scoring wave counts towards the team total. The team with the highest cumulative team score advances to the next round. The Contest Directors will assemble teams with various levels of ability to try to make the competition fair. Even if you get knocked out in Round One, you can put your name on an alternate list and try to join another team if someone has to leave.

The Jimmy Surf Fiesta is designed to foster camaraderie and aloha in the water and is not hyper-competitive like other contests. It is a great way to get families and our community together to celebrate Jimmy’s “Pure Surfing Experience” and share waves together.The contest runs all day and breakfast (bagels, fruit, PBn’J, coffee) and lunch are included. Each participant also gets a Jimmy Surf Fiesta T-shirt with their entry. Prizes are also awarded at the end of the day for a variety of categories sponsored by local businesses.

Join us for a great family day at the beach!

The Jimmy Surf Fiesta 2023!

Thank you for another huge success!

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