Postcards From The Edge

Postcards From the Edge
Oh The Places You Will Go
Here’s To The Moms

(With thanks to Carrie Fisher and Dr. Seuss!)I have been all over the map this past month. April has always been a month of ying and yang. My dad died in April and Jimmy was born in April. Lots of other major life events crowded this month with the most intense feelings. As always, it felt good to get to the finish line of April, after almost two months of Covid 19 social distancing and staying in touch with loved ones around the world.

On April 28th, we celebrated Jimmy’s birthday with a backyard, socially distanced dinner, and his favorite chocolate brownies! Later, we were treated to a bioluminescence birthday bonanza. Thanks Brent!

May is Mental Health Month. It’s also Mother’s Day! The two seem related to me, never more than in this time of Covid19. As we shelter in place, and try to make sense of what is happening around the globe, I keep thinking of Jimmy’s favorite Dr. Seuss book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go!”

As all mom’s know, letting go and having faith that your kids will make wise decisions and be safe, is not easy. I have included some moms who traveled the same road and watched and waited to hear from their sons, knowing there was no mail or a phone booth when they traveled with Jimmy. I have always been so grateful that Jimmy was such a great correspondent and wrote such detailed letters and postcards. I often felt I was right with him. However, I always realized that we moms don’t really get the full story about being alone and surrounded by dozens of reef sharks on a remote coral head. We might worry!

As I have mentioned many times, Jimmy could get a book on a postcard, but you could always read every word! Today, with all the social media and our phones ever handy, I wonder how many postcards you have received lately? What would it feel like to receive a postcard out of the blue? A mother’s day card, a birthday wish, or just a postcard to say, “Hello, I am thinking of you!” Can you imagine the smile or the extra beat of a loving heart, when your mom or loved one recognizes your handwriting and looks at the stamp you chose, just for them!

In honor of Mental Health Month and Mother’s Day, I hope you will take the time to brighten the mental health of your mom or wife or loved ones, with a postcard, a smile and the promise of a real live hug in the near future. And keep those postcards and pictures coming to us at JMMF. The notes and photos you sent on Jimmy’s birthday lifted our spirits and reminded us of all the “Places You Can Go!”

With love to my JMMF Family! Please know we look forward to starting our Ocean Therapy Program as soon as it is safe for our participants and volunteers.
We will stay in touch with you and let you know as soon as we have our schedule.

With love and gratitude.


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